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2016 MLB Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Parlay

3 Oct

Hey all, It’s time once again for postseason baseball and the 9th annual Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Parlay! This pool makes watching all the playoff games so much more fun! We had 50 teams in the Parlay last year which was the most ever. Would be awesome to get 60+ this year. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know, and if somebody you know does want in, just make sure they let me know you referred them.

Here’s how it works. Cost to participate is only $10 per team. One owner may have a maximum of two (2) team entries.

RULES: Choose one (1) batter AND one (1) pitcher from each of the 10 playoff teams to fill out positions of a roster with your 20 players. You must have ONLY 2 players from each playoff team; one hitter and one pitcher – no more, no less. Do not have more than one hitter from the same team, or more than one pitcher from the same team, or your entry will be invalid.

This is a link to last year’s Google sheets spreadsheet with the entire Parlay stats and results so you can see how it all works:

You must fill these positions with one hitter and one pitcher from each playoff team:
IF (any infield position)
U (can be a batter from any position)
and 10 pitchers (can be either a starting pitcher or relief pitcher). May be any combination of SP’s and RP’s but must meet a minimum of 15 innings pitched combined for all pitchers in the Wild Card/Division Series round, then a minimum of 10 innings pitched in the Championship Series round. This is to prevent any team from picking only relief pitchers. P
***and Tiebreaker – see below

YOU are responsible for submitting a legal team. I will do my best to catch any errors, but if your team is illegal and is caught at ANY TIME, you will be eliminated and refunded your money. PLAYER POSITION ELIGIBILITY – An offensive player needs to have played a minimum of 20 games this year at a position to be eligible at that position. If an offensive player has not played a total of 20 games, then the position he’s played for the majority of games will be his eligible position. If you are picking a player that is only eligible at DH, then that player must occupy the U spot. Otherwise the U spot may be a player from any offensive position. Your roster will be 20 players to begin with, and as teams are eliminated, those players won’t accumulate any more stats for you. Any roster can have any player from any team, as long as you don’t have more than one hitter and one pitcher from a team. For example, if Minnesota made the playoffs (a stretch, I know), if one entrant’s roster has Twins 1B Joe Mauer that doesn’t mean any other entrant can’t have him. But you couldn’t have Brian Dozier and Miguel Sano on the same team. Pick whomever you’d like. Odds are there won’t be any exact rosters with all the possible combinations, but we have a Tiebreaker just in case.
*Tiebreaker – Pick the two (2) World Series teams, the winner, and in how many games.

The categories that we’ll use are the traditional 5×5 fantasy baseball categories – AVG, HR and RBI, Runs, and SB for hitters, Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP and K’s for pitchers. Scoring will be done Rotisserie style, meaning…. However many teams are in the parlay, that number will be the most points available in each category. The leader in each category will get that number of points for the category, the 2nd place team in a category will get 1 point less than the max, and so on down to 1 point for the last place team in a category. For example, if there are 10 teams in the Parlay, the AVG leader gets 10 points, 2nd place team gets 9 points, 3rd place gets 8 points, and so on down to the last place AVG team getting 1 point. Maximum number of points in this scenario would be 100 (10×10). If there are 18 teams, then 1st place in HRs gets 18, second place would get 17, and so on down to 1. Maximum number of points in this scenario would be 180 (18×10). Stats will be cumulative, and the total stats after the completion of the World Series will determine the winner(s). I’ve attached the final spreadsheet from last year’s pool so you can see how everything’s laid out – team rosters, statistics, and standings per round.

• The leader after the Wild Card/ALDS/NLDS wins 10% of the overall pot
• Winner of the ALCS/NLCS round wins 10% of the overall pot
• Remaining 80% of the pot will be split up to go to the 3 overall leaders after the World Series – 1st place (60%), runner-up (25%), and 3rd place (15%) of the 80%.
• In the case of a tie (even with the tiebreaker), the winning amounts for both places will be split evenly. For example if there is a tie after the WC/LDS round, the pot’s 10% will be split evenly to those leaders. If for example there’s a tie for 2nd place AFTER the World Series is over (and both teams have the same tiebreaker), then the 25% and 15% of the remaining pot would be totaled together and split evenly.

The 10 playoff teams are: • Boston Red Sox • Cleveland Indians • Texas Rangers • Toronto Blue Jays (WC) • Baltimore Orioles (WC) • Washington Nationals • Chicago Cubs • Los Angeles Dodgers • New York Mets (WC) • San Francisco Giants (WC)

Sample team:
C – Sandy Leon BOS
1B – James Loney NYM
2B – Joe Panik SF
3B – Jose Ramirez CLE
SS – Javier Baez CHC
IF – Stephen Drew WAS
OF – Andrew Toles LAD
OF – Drew Stubbs BAL
OF – Ezequiel Carrera TOR
U- Mitch Moreland TEX (or any other Rangers hitter)

P – Junichi Tazawa BOS
P – Steven Matz NYM
P – Matt Cain SF
P – Zach McAllister CLE
P – Mike Montgomery CHC
P – Shawn Kelley WAS
P – Joe Blanton LAD
P – Ubaldo Jimenez BAL
P – R.A. Dickey TOR
P – Colby Lewis TEX
*Tiebreaker – Orioles over Mets in 4

All teams must be submitted to Please write “MLB Playoff Parlay – YOUR LAST NAME” in the email subject line.

Team rosters are due by this Tuesday, October 4th prior to the AL Wild Card game. Deadline for submission is 8:00pm EST, no later. If you can, get your team(s) to me as soon as possible so I have ample time for data entry. Please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested.

I ask that all entree fees be sent by Friday, October 14th. Please make this easy on my part and submit payment on time. You can pay via PayPal or send a hard check in the mail. I will provide PayPal email address or my mailing address once I receive your submitted team(s). Teams with fees not received by 10/14 will be subject to disqualification from the parlay.

If you have any questions, please email me by the end of this weekend. If you think there’s anything I missed, or anything that could improve/enhance this Parlay, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, put together a team or two you think will do well and send it over. Keep in mind, there’s a decent amount of strategy involved. I will email a spreadsheet with all teams’ rosters as soon as all of the data is entered, and detailed updates will be sent after LDS, LCS and World Series rounds. I am not able to send daily updates due to the time it takes to enter statistics and checking the spreadsheet to ensure all standings are accurate.

Follow me on Twitter at @Scotty_Ballgame as I’ll also tweet Parlay updates over the next month.

Good luck! Scott

Greene family 2016-2017 Fantasy WWE draft

7 Apr

My two boys and I launched our Fantasy WWE league last year and each drafted 15 wrestlers.  We had two expansion drafts later in the year and each ended up with a roster of 27.  Points were accumulated by winning championships, retaining titles, winning on PPVs (live Network specials for both WWE and NXT), getting promoted from NXT to main roster, heel/face turns, winning Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank, etc.  Dad blew away his boys with a 2015-2016 total of 834 compared to Adam’s 561 and Josh’s 407.  Dad certainly had a stellar roster!  The season runs through the Monday Night Raw following Wrestlemania.

We had our 2016-2017 draft last night and the new season begins with Smackdown tonight.  Rosters look a bit more even and I might even go so far as to say Adam is the early favorite.  He has most of the current champions and will get points for title retentions.  We’ve added a new category which is the most points you can earn – 25 for getting inducted into WWE Hall of Fame.

Let us know what you think!

Dad’s 2016-2017 roster:

Round Wrestler
1 John Cena
2 Seth Rollins
3 Brock Lesnar
4 Finn Balor
5 Sami Zayn
6 Bray Wyatt
7 Samoa Joe
8 Bobby Roode
9 Charlotte
10 Triple H
11 Karl Anderson/Doc Gallows
12 Dolph Ziggler
13 Sheamus
14 Alberto Del Rio
15 Paige
16 Ryback
17 Elias Samson
18 Braun Strowman
19 Rusev
20 Blake & Murphy
21 Lana
22 Eva Marie
23 Tommaso Ciampa
24 Eric Young
25 Sting

Adam’s 2016-2017 roster:

Round Wrestler
1 Roman Reigns
2 Kevin Owens
3 The New Day
4 American Alpha
5 Shinsuke Nakamura
6 Chris Jericho
7 Asuka
8 Dean Ambrose
9 Bayley
10 Undertaker
11 Austin Aries
12 The Miz
13 Hideo Itami
14 Dudley Boyz
15 Carmella
16 Emma
17 Vaudevillians
18 Zack Ryder
19 The Usos
20 Stardust
21 Natalya
22 Kane
24 Stone Cold
25 Kurt Angle

Josh’s 2016-2017 roster:

1 AJ Styles
2 Sasha Banks
3 Baron Corbin
4 King Barrett
5 Apollo Crews
6 Nia Jax
7 Cesaro
8 S-A-W-F-T
9 The Revival
10 Kalisto
11 Randy Orton
12 Becky Lynch
13 X-Pac
14 Mark Henry
15 The Rock
16 Tyler Breeze
17 Neville
18 Big Show
19 Dana Brooke
20 R-Truth
21 Prime Time Players
22 Jack Swagger
23 Shawn Michaels
24 Johnny Gargano
25 The Ascension


2014 Fantasy Football Playoff Parlay

1 Jan

Hey all,
Here are all the details for the pool.  My buddy Joe’s been running it for 15 years and it’s very cool.  Because most fantasy football leagues are done now, this is a great way to keep your fantasy fix on through the playoffs.  There are usually 100+ teams entered so the pot gets up there (only $10 to enter a team), but the more the merrier.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Email me directly at or DM me on Twitter if you want in and I’ll give you Joe’s mailing address.  Thanks, Scott

Hello everyone and welcome to the 15th Annual Fantasy Football Playoff Pool. Last year we had a record 178 entries and hope to repeat that.

Please read the below carefully.

Most important items to note:

To enter, I need:

Complete team (each person can enter one or two teams) using the below roster requirements on the attached excel document BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 3rd at 6:00pm

YOU are responsible for submitting a legal team.  I will do my best to catch any errors, but if your team is illegal and is caught at ANY TIME, you will be eliminated and refunded your money.

  • Complete team including total score of the Super Bowl (which is the tiebreaker)
  • Send to
  • Your e-mail address for weekly updates
  • Payment by January 17th
  • Send Checks to: contact Scott for Joe’s mailing address
  • I have not set up paypal – will try to do next year, sorry for the inconvenience
  • If at all possible please combine payments and if you are sending payment for multiple teams

I also want to make everyone aware that I will be submitting my two teams ($20) without payment in return for the 20 hours or so of time that it takes to manage the pool. Please let me know if there are issues with this.

We will score using the fantasy scoring below.  There are twelve teams in the playoffs.  You need to select one player from each team.  For the team you create, you need to fill the following positions:

(2) QB’s
(3) RB’s
(3) WR’s
(1) TE
(2) K’s
(1) D/ST

Each week, you will score points based on your players’ performance.  As playoff teams lose, you will lose the player on that team.  Each team will always have the same amount of players, as the playoffs go on, you may end up having the same players as someone else.  You MUST also provide the total points of the Super Bowl.  This will be used as a tiebreaker.  If the team(s) are still tied after this tiebreaker, the money will be split



  • 1 point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving (rushing and receiving are scored separate and will not be combined)
  • 1 point for every 25 yards passing
  • 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown
  • 2 points for a rushing, receiving or passing 2-point conversion
  • 3 point bonus for 100 yards rushing or receiving (rushing and receiving are scored separate and will not be combined)
  • 5 point bonus for 150 yards rushing or receiving (rushing and receiving are scored separate and will not be combined)
  • 7 point bonus for 200 yards rushing or receiving (rushing and receiving are scored separate and will not be combined)
  • 3 point bonus for 300 yards passing
  • 5 point bonus for 350 yards passing
  • 7 point bonus for 400 yards passing
  • 3 point bonus for 10+ receptions
  • (-2) points for an interception
  • (-1) point for a lost fumble by your offense or special teams that is recovered by the opposing team.  Fumbles lost and then recovered by your offensive player/their team or your special teams will not result in a loss of a point

*** Player cannot receive more than one bonus for hitting yardage milestones. i.e if you get 187 yards rushing you receive the 5 point bonus for 150, not the 3 point bonus for 100 and 5 point bonus for 150

*** If a player scores a special teams touchdown (punt return/kick return/etc.) and you have them starting at a different position, you WILL receive points for the TD, but not the yardage. For example, you have Wes Welker as a WR, he has 23 yards rushing, 48 yards receiving and a punt return for a td.  You will receive 2 points for rushing yards, 4 points for receiving yards and 6 points for the punt return td for a total of 12 points. On a side note, any team with the Denver Defense/Special Teams would also get the 6 points for that punt return TD.


  • 1 point for an extra point
  • 3 points for a field goal from 18 – 49 yards
  • 5 points for a field goal from 50 – 59 yards
  • 7 points for a field goal 60 yards and over 

Defense/Special Teams

  • 1 point for a sack
  • 1 point for an interception
  • 1 point for a DEFENSIVE RECOVERED fumble (Offense recoveries score no points, and a forced fumble scores no points)
  • 3 points for a blocked punt or field goal
  • 5 points for a safety
  • 6 points for a return touchdown (interception, fumble, kickoff, and punt returns)
  • 10 points for a defensive shutout
  • 7 points for holding a team between 2 – 5 points
  • 3 points for holding a team between 6 – 10 points
  • (-1) point for a lost fumble by your offense or special teams that is recovered by the opposing team.  Fumbles lost and then recovered by your offensive player/their team or your special teams will not result in a loss of a point


  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Carolina Panthers
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • New England Patriots
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Denver Broncos


QB1:   Alex Smith KC
QB2:   Michael Vick PHI
RB1:    LaMichael James SF
RB2:    John Kuhn GB
RB3:    Tashard Choice IND
WR1:   Domenik Hixon CAR
WR2:   Seyi Ajirotutu SD
WR3:   Jermaine Kearse SEA
TE:      Michael Hoomanawanui NE
K1:      Mike Nugent CIN
K2:      Shayne Graham NO
D/ST:   Denver
Super Bowl Points:  95

There is a $10 entry fee for each team for the pool.  Team owners can have one or two teams in the pool.  I need all payments by January 17th. Please pay on time. I reserve the right to eliminate any team that does not pay by January 17th.

Payouts are as follows:

  • 1st place – 50% of pot
  • 2nd place – 25% of pot
  • 3rd place – 15% of pot
  • 4th place – 5% of pot
  • 5th place – 5% of pot
  • $50 for most points scored in week 1 (money to be split in event of a tie)
  • $50 for most points scored In week 2 (money to be split in event of a tie)

As always, e-mail with questions.

Good Luck.