This is what WWE should do with World Championship(s)

1 May

I was listening to my favorite #radio show Monday (@BustedOpenRadio on SiriusXM Rush, Monday through Friday from 2-4pm EST, or anytime On Demand on the SiriusXM app) and the hosts and some callers were talking about the WWE Universal Championship.  Dave LaGreca and Larry Dallas were also debating this on Friday as well.  There are those that feel it’s OK that the title isn’t defended every 30 days and that the current Universal Champ Brock Lesnar is a special attraction.  He’s a part timer and only defends the championship once every few months is the fact of the matter right now.  The other school of thought is that the champion should be on TV more often, even if he’s not defending the title every week. Heck, Hogan was on TV often even though his World title defenses on TV were few and far between.

I have a solution. WWE won’t do this but after running the idea by my 13-year-old son and defending Greene Family Fantasy WWE champion, he likes it and we both think it would work – at least it’d be much better than what they’re doing now.

Unify the Universal Championship and the WWE Title.  This has been done before. Have only one real world champ (my shameless Ric Flair reference) and sure, go ahead and call it the WWE World Heavyweight Championship like we had not too long ago before the brand split. This one world champion can be on both shows. (but doesn’t have to be on both shows every week, only when it’s necessary for interviewing or doing a promo for the next title defense)  Now here’s the new concept – name a #1 contender for RAW one month, have the champion defend against this contender at the next RAW-branded PPV.  THEN, name a new #1 contender for Smackdown and have the champion defend against him at the next #SDLive-branded PPV.  Novel idea isn’t it?

There’s no storyline needed!  It’s all about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Each show gets their turn to have matches to determine the #1Contender for the most important championship in the company.  Those matches could be Triple Threats or Fatal 4 Ways.  Heck, throw us a mini tournament once in a while.  In this scenario for example, Seth Rollins might emerge as top contender on #RAW and he’d get a shot at the champ at Money In The Bank.  Then the winner of that match (or whoever comes out with the belt) would take on the Smackdown #1 contender at Great Balls of Fire (yes, that’s really the name of the July PPV) and that could be Baron Corbin for example.

How do we get there?  Well we’d have to draw Lesnar out of his Minnesota lair to battle Randy Orton to unify both titles.  Like I said, not going to happen but one can dream and fantasy book as much as he wants to.  I just feel that the WWE Universal Title has been pretty much stagnant and meaningless since hours after Finn Balor won it and was named the first Universal Champion.  Several Busted Open Radio callers stand on the same platform as me on this one.  Since Triple H handed the title to Kevin Owens there hasn’t been any huge value in that championship.  “The List of Jericho” was over more than the Universal Title, and then part-timer Goldberg didn’t do anything to elevate it, and now since Lesnar has it (and believe me I’m happy he won at Wrestlemania and Goldberg didn’t somehow successfully retain) we don’t even see it.  Now we find out there’s another 2+ months until that title is defended in July.

So that’s my idea.  Unify the main world titles and then rotate brands for #1 contenders.  Does it work?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to tweet me @Scotty_Ballgame and/or leave comments below.


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