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WWE Night of Champions 2015 predictions

20 Sep

I have a crazy thought.  All 5 championships will changes hands tonight.  Am I kidding?  No, not really, but do I really believe all 5 champions are going to lose?  Probably not, but I just can’t come up with good storylines where title retention makes sense – except in the case of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  OK, let’s get on with what in college I used to call my Scotty The Swami picks which I made on-the-air at Syracuse’s WJPZ Z89 and had published in the Daily Orange for Wrestlemania VI.

Let’s get to it…

Kickoff Show – Stardust & The Ascension vs. Neville & Lucha Dragons
Neville and the man formerly known as Cody Rhodes have a little comic book feud going on. I honestly don’t understand how quickly one of the most dominant tag teams in NXT history, The Ascension, have become glorified jobbers on the main roster.  They’ve got absolutely no push right now and I see no way, even with a decent working Stardust, the heels go over in this match.
Winner: Neville & Lucha Dragons

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev
I just hate watching Ziggler mired in these mid-card storylines which are a far cry from his cashing in Money In The Bank the night after Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey to win the World Heavyweight Championship.  Add to this match the stupid love trangle (or I guess you could call it a quadrangle) between Ziggler, Lana, Summer Rae and Rusev.  Lana supposedly won’t be at NOC because of a legit wrist injury suffered at a house show so maybe the wrestling will stand out in this match.  Rusev’s taken a couple surprising pins on TV in recent past so I’m feeling the Bulgarian Brute gets the nod tonight.
Winner: Rusev

Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Braun Strowman) vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Mystery Partner
This match may have the most pre-event speculation as we’re all staking our claims to who the mystery partner will be.  Regardless of who the 3rd man is, these two teams have had great chemistry lately and that conjures up memories of the awesome Shield/Wyatts feud from a couple years ago.  Just a staredown between the two trios brought out the “This is awesome” crowd chants.  Tonight’s match should be awesome too.  So who’s the mystery partner?  So many guys have been predicted – Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Kane, Erick Rowan, even The Rock.  I would love to see The Rock come out, get a HUGE pop, and help his cousin and the Lunatic Fringe go into battle against the New Face of Fear and his cronies.  It could set up an angle for The Rock moving forward as we get closer to Wrestlemania.  BUT my gut thinks it’ll wind up being Cesaro who’s not billed on the NOC card yet and he’s one of the current guys that are most over.  He’d be a nice addition to the face team and can certainly hold his own power-wise with big boy Strowman.
Winners: Reigns, Ambrose and their partner

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship
I can’t think of any way that Charlotte doesn’t win the title tonight.  We saw the Dusty finish on RAW this past Monday night with Charlotte and Brie and the ref giving Charlotte the belt before Steph came out to get everything right.  Then of course Nikki had her Bella-bration for being the longest consecutive reigning Divas champ in history.  Now that all the shananigans should be behind us we can look forward to a good match for the butterfly tonight.  Of the 5 title matches this is the one I’m feeling most sure about.  Daddy Naitch should be in attendance and he’ll see the figure four turned into a figure eight on Nikki before she submits.
Winner: and NEW Divas Champ, Charlotte

Kevin Owens vs. Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship
Feed Me More, please go away.  I know Ryback is probably one of the most over guys right now.  I don’t care.  He’s boring to me and can’t cut a promo to save his life.  He still has to read cue cards off screen and doesn’t even look at the camera.  I was watching the Top Factions special on WWE Network yesterday and it was actually funny to see a clean shaven Ryback in his previous incarnation Skip Sheffield as part of the original Nexus. Then he got hurt and went away.  I think he’s going to lose tonight and go away. Well one can wish, can’t he?  Owens has been performing on the highest of levels in recent months, especially on “pay-per-views,” er Network specials.  I don’t like him without a belt and he needs one since he dropped the NXT title in Japan.  Give me a Pop Up Powerbomb somehow on Ryback, then a clean 1-2-3 for Owens.
Winner: and NEW Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens

Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day for Tag Team Championship
I’m not going to say a lot about this match.  I love New Day.  New Day Rocks.  Heyyyyyyy, we want some New Day.  I really like having the Dudleys back in WWE too.  Michael Cole often calls the Dudleys the most decorated tag team in WWE history.  Whatever they are I think they have at least one more title run in them and that’s why they’re back on what appears to be a full time contract.  I definitely see a 3D and new champs here.
Winners: and NEW Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins for the United States Championship
Cena has to take one of Rollins’ belts in this one, If for no other reason because I miss the U.S. Championship Open Challenge on RAW.  That was intriguing television and Cena’s claim to being wrestler of the year has a lot to do with that feature we loved on RAW.  Me thinks Triple H will involve himself in one of these Rollins matches, just not sure which one.  Probably the other one so that means Cena gets his revenge on Rollins all by himself tonight – and no Jon Stewart in sight.  Look for another classic match with Rollins getting pinned on a 3rd Attitude Adjustment or tapping out to a 2nd STF.
Winner: and NEW U.S. Champion, John Cena

Sting vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
I honestly can’t believe I think a 56-year-old Steve Borden is going to finally get that one major title that has eluded him in his Hall of Fame career.  Did he come to WWE to lose at Wrestlemania 31 in his only match?  Obviously not.  And his first two matches ever on RAW the other night, and how he won both of them and made Rollins tap out in the main event, makes me think there’s a good chance that Sting does not go over tonight.  But I’m going to stick with my unprecedented prediction of all titles changing and go with Sting in this one.  It’s shaping up to not be a great night for Rollins.  This could be where Triple H distracts “The Man” and Sting nails him with the Scorpion Death Drop.
Winner: and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sting!

But what about Mr. Money In The Bank Sheamus?  He’s been teasing that Rollins will need a 3rd match and will lose again as the Celtic Warrior could pick this to be a cash-in moment.  If it happens I see a VERY short title reign for Sting and Sheamus potentially cashes in tonight.  But I’m not going to predict that for tonight.  I just want to enjoy Night of Champions and I hope I do.