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SummerSlam 2015 predictions

23 Aug

Not a lot of time to put so much thought and background stories into these, but wanted to get them down.

Fatal 4-Way for WWE Tag Titles – Prime Time Players vs. The New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores:
No idea why Los Matadores are in this match. And I still can’t believe we have yet another Tag Title match relegated to the Kickoff show.  I have to think tonight’s the night The New Day finally regain the titles.  Heeeeey, we want some New Day!!  They’re so over with the fans.

Dolph Ziggler (with Lana) vs. Rusev (with Summer Rae):
Love Ziggler, great worker, should win. Just have the gut feeling that Rusev pulls out the win and we see yet another Ziggler job at a big event. Shenanigans from Summer Rae and Lana will probably have something to do with the outcome.

Stardust & King Barrett vs. Neville (Red Arrow) & Steven Amell (Green Arrow):
Easiest bout to predict. Whenever there’s a Hollywood star involved in a WWE event, they also go over. Easy win here for Neville and Amell.

Triple Threat for IC Title – Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz:
Does anyone see Show as a threat to grab gold at this stage in his career? I doubt it. Should Ryback retain and look toward a real challenger? Yes. But I see your Tough Enough “Amanda saver” judge Miz somehow sneaking his way to a win and escaping with the IC title.  Then he can lose it tomorrow night on RAW.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus:
Haven’t we seen this matchup before? Orton has been RKO’ing Sheamus all over TV. Is that not going to happen at SummerSlam? Doubt it. Sheamus can still lose and keep Money In The Bank, just like Rollins did at Wrestlemania when he lost to Orton and THEN cashed in. I see Sheamus losing tonight but possibly trying to cash in tomorrow on RAW.

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens:
Cesaro had a huge win vs. Rusev on Smackdown a few weeks ago but hasn’t had a big PPV win. Owens NEEDS a big win after his recent losses to Cena and Bálor, including last night at NXT Takeover.  Winner here should be Owens in what’s likely to be the best match of the night.

9 Diva Elimination Match – Team BAD (Naomi, Tamina, Sasha Banks) vs. Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch) vs. Team Bella (Nikki, Brie and Alicia Fox):
Should be a very good match. Bottom line, Sasha and Bayley stole the show at Takeover last night, and The Boss lost. Tonight she gets the ultimate win by being the sole survivor in the Elimination match.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper:
Should be more than meets the eye than just 2 on 2 here. This is a feud that was SO hot back when we had The SHIELD vs. The Wyatt Family. Rowan is still out with an injury so I don’t think we see him tonight, but could we see some dissension in the Reigns/Ambrose ranks? Sure we could. A lot of people are predicting Ambrose turns heel tonight and joins Wyatt. I don’t see that happening but I do see Wyatt/Harper grabbing a win with the feud somehow extending to Night of Champions.

John Cena (US Champ) vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Champ) Title for Title:
Wow, this is a big one and could go either way. Probably the match I’m looking forward to the most. I can’t believe WWE will take the US Title Open Challenge away from Cena and off RAW, but I also think it’s too early to take the title off Rollins. Do you read anything into Cena’s new “15x” champ attire and think he doesn’t win for the 16th time here? Possibly. I’m not buying that. If I’m wrong I’ll be happy that Rollins retains. If I’m right then Cena walks out with both belts and brings it to a new level tomorrow on RAW. Plus he’s granting his 500th wish for Make-A-Wish today, so guess what, I’m calling it. The Champ is Here!  Triple H may very well have something to say about the outcome of this match.

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker:
The match too big for Wrestlemania.  Again, a tough one to call. Taker’s last match has to be coming up at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas.  He doesn’t really need to win here although he’s looking to exact revenge on Lesnar.  Taker has shown no remorse lately on TV with 2 low blows on Lesnar and an amazing in-ring and backstage brawl with The Beast.  There’s really no way Lesnar deserves to be beaten tonight and I predict he will somehow go over, even with some possible interference by someone.  Taker should get his win back at Mania.