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Greene Invitational Softball (2015 Season, Game 3) – 7/22/15

22 Jul

Week 1 was postponed since we didn’t have enough guys.

Weeks 2 and 3 were played with 4 vs. 5 or 5 vs. 5 and modified fielding and batting rules.  We just didn’t have enough guys to field full teams on both sides.

Finally tonight in Week 4 we had 18 guys and an actual 9 vs. 9 softball game.  All in good fun though with only a few 40+ year-old pulled hamstrings and unavoidable lame injuries.

The Greene Invitational is the Who’s Who of Longmeadow and Western Mass.  We’re all guys daydreaming of our glory days back in the 80’s or 90’s.  Yours truly hasn’t played competitive ball since freshman year club baseball at Syracuse University in the Fall of ’90.  Longmeadow’s Dave Pandolfi could be seen stretching for 20+ minutes prior to tonight’s game to make sure there was no embarrassment (or injury) with his 17-year-old son Nolan playing as well.  Gary Rome played a sold first base tonight and added some quality base hits while our other Gary, Longmeadow’s Veratti of Party Boss Limo fame, was the good guys’ ringer and lofted a couple home runs.  Not to mention he could also be heard cursing up and down the dugout bench when he just got under it and flied out to left field.

Good news is that the injuries this evening were limited.  Brian Weinberg pulled up lame at second base following a key double and needed a pinch runner with a possible slight hamstring pull.  Greene was on first base following a weak single to left field in the bottom of the 9th and slightly tweaked his hammy running from 1st to 3rd on the final play of the game.  Mike Calvanese, on the softball field for the first time in several years, pulled something on the first fly ball to right field early in the game and favored the “injury” for the rest of the game.

In the end it was a softball game of epic proportions.  Greene’s Good Guys triumphed over Brian Zippin’s Bad Guys 17-16.  It was a walk off win for the Good Guys in the bottom of the 9th.  Even Arnie Horowitz, on the DL recovering from neck surgery 3 years ago, landed a couple key putouts behind the plate as automatic catcher.

We’re back at it next Wednesday night July 29th at Turner Field in Longmeadow.  We’ll actually be trying out the Chicago-based “cabbage ball” for the very first time – a 16″ ball softer than a traditional softball that’s played with no gloves in the field.  The ball does not travel as far off the bat – unless of course you have the uncanny abilities of Veratti or Pandolfi.

Next Wednesday night will definitely be a sight to see as we use Chicago’s cabbage ball for the first time ever.  Most of tonight’s warriors will be on hand for the on-field battle next week as well.

Good Guys:
Scott Greene
Gary Veratti
Patrick Sullivan
Bryan Connery
Jeff Evans
Joshua Weiss
Nolan Pandolfi
Mike Calvanese
Ralph Hardaker

Bad Guys:
Arnie Horowitz
Tim Bannon
Gary Rome
Dave Pandolfi
Adam Peck
Brian Zippin
Brian Weinberg
Bruce Winer
Rob Ravosa

I’d also like to call out senors Brian Wall and John Walczak for being team players and showing up AFTER the game was over.  Supposedly with actual league softball games of their own tonight, that was the story told and had to be accepted when liquid refreshments accompanied them post-game.