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1977 Topps Baseball cards needed

23 Nov

Going back now to complete the 1977 Topps baseball set.  I have every Topps baseball (base) set from 1978 (when I began collecting as a 7-year-old) up to current year.  In recent years I’ve gone back and completed the 1971 set (year I was born) and the 1976 set.  So now my current project is 1977.

With some lots that I just purchased and some select star cards I’ve picked up at local shops, I’m now down to the final 36 out of 660.  Below are the ones I still need.  Please let me know if you have any you’re willing to give up or trade.  Thanks, Scott

Updated 12/15/13

5 Victory Leaders
6 Strikeout Leaders
18 Frank Robinson
34 Norm Sherry
51 Alex Grammas
74 Oakland A’s checklist
113 Toronto Blue Jays checklist
134 San Diego Padres checklist
183 St. Louis Cardinals checklist
187 Dick Pole
228 Minnesota Twins Checklist
259 New York Mets checklist
287 Cincinnati Reds checklist
371 Whitey Herzog
387 New York Yankees checklist
392 Phil Roof
408 Cesar Tovar
418 White Sox checklist
425 Joe Torre
442 Dave Bristol
444 Wayne Twitchell
478 Rookie Pitchers
489 Rookie Pitchers (Barker)
492 Tony Armas RC
504 Tom Lasorda
517 Pete Vuckovich
518 Chicago Cubs checklist
546 Baltimore Orioles checklist
555 Dan Ford
597 Mariners Coaches
621 Detroit Tigers checklist
634 Reuschel Brothers
640 Carlton Fisk
641 Dan Larson
650 Nolan Ryan
660 Willie Horton