WWE Night of Champions 2013 predictions

15 Sep

Take ’em to the bank – for what it’s worth.

Kickoff Pre-Show Tag Team Turmoil #1 Contenders’ Match for Tag Team Titles
Prime Time Players outlast Usos, Real Americans, Tons of Funk and 3MB to get a shot at Reigns/Rollins on the PPV

WWE Tag Title – The Shield (Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins) vs. my prediction Prime Time Players
No way The Shield drops the belts here. Still too good of an angle being the “security” for McMahon Family, and having the titles adds to that drama. Reigns/Rollins defeat PTP. #BelieveInTheShield

WWE Divas Title – Fatal Four-Way with Champ AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi Funkadactyl
I know AJ Lee is a force in this division and has been great with the belt. I just feel that the “Total Divas” momentum helps drive the results here. Guessing that the Divas don’t all get along in the match – possibly Brie and Naomi/Trinity (whatever her name is) get into it, leaving Nattie and AJ to do battle. I’m going with the Diva newlywed Natalya to grab the gold over AJ here.

WWE U.S. Title – Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
I really like The Show Off but for the same reason as the tag title match am going to keep the belt on Ambrose. I do think WWE is trying to get Ziggler back into main event status but he’s not there yet. They may give him the win here via DQ. Ziggler to defeat Ambrose via dq (Ambrose to retain the belt).

Handicap Elimination Match – Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. C.M. Punk.
Punk has to get bye Axel, right? Part of the sell of the PPV has been Heyman continually saying, “If Punk gets his hands on me he’ll tear me apart and you’ll never see me again!” So let’s go with that plan to start. Punk will pin Axel, likely with the Go To Sleep (GTF). Then let’s figure there might be some sort of Heyman surprise just as he’s about to be torn limb from limb. What? Whom? Who knows? But Heyman defeats Punk tonight.

World Heavyweight Title – Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam
Van Dam’s been back only since Money In the Bank and I’m sick of him already. Just don’t get his push. He’s so late 90’s/early 2000’s, isn’t he? Ziggler’s cashing in the MITB on Raw the night after Mania this year is still one of the loudest crowd pops I’ve heard/seen in quite some time and I still think they need to get this belt back to Dolph to build him to main event status. RVD may come close with Rolling Thunder and even hit a 5-Star Frog Splash, but I’m going with ADR to pull out a quick pin and retain the championship.

WWE Title – Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
Not going to say much here. Not even going to predict what storylines will be brought in to this match leading up to it or during with HHH, McMahons, Shield, Maddox, et al. It’s just too soon to have “the face of the WWE” lose the title after getting it only a month ago. RKO wins again. Orton defeats Bryan tonight. Still your WWE Champ – The Viper!

Let’s see how I do. Hoping for a good event tonight. Not sure it’ll be SummerSlam quality, but still looking forward to a few of these storylines to play out. Follow me on Twitter at @Scotty_Ballgame!

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